Bars which only serve wine. For some reason they are often poorly lighted and have unusual decor. Usually they have several varieties of wine available by the glass.

In a wine bar you will find several types of people, I break them down into four groups:

1.) Wine Snobs: These people will order many different types of wine through out the evening. They will comment to those around them about the "body" and "nose" of the wine. They will also use vauge, meaningless terms to descripbe the wine such as "sassy yet piquant" or "arrogant yet flaccid".

2.) Yuppies: These people go to wine bars because they're a bit more socially acceptible in their circles than the dives they went to while in college, while allowing them to avoid the youth crowd that hangs around in coffee shops. They often drink Chardonnay even if they don't like it.

3.) Philosophy Majors: Although this group also includes young philosophers in general who will drink large quantities of whatever wine they can afford and sit around debating the nature of nothingness and the futility of the cosmos.

4.) The Uninitiated: These are the folks who've never been to a wine bar before, or only go to one rarely, they include couples who thought it was a neat "date" idea, or someone who saw the word "bar" and stumbled in.

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