Microsoft's version of ISO-8859-1, the standard 8-bit character encoding for the Latin alphabet used in Western Europe.

All the characters from positions 0x0 to 0x127 (the standard ASCII character set) are the same as ISO-8859. Additionally, the characters from 0xA0 to 0xFF are identical to the standard. Windows-1252 diverges in the characters 0x80 to 0x9F, which ISO-8859-1 defines as the relatively unused C1 control characters from ISO-6429. It is in this range that Windows adds an eclectic collection of miscellaneous characters, including the Euro currency symbol, a few Eastern European characters, and the infamous "smart quotes".

Here is a list of these characters, along with their HTML equivalent as Unicode entities:

pos   HTML        description
0x80  €  €  euro currency symbol
0x81              undefined
0x82  ‚  ‚  single low-9 quotation mark
0x83  ƒ   ƒ  latin small letter f with hook
0x84  „  „  double low-9 quotation mark
0x85  …  …  horizontal ellipsis
0x86  †  †  dagger
0x87  ‡  ‡  double dagger
0x88  ˆ   ˆ  modifier letter circumflex accent
0x89  ‰  ‰  per mille sign
0x8A  Š   Š  latin capital letter s with caron
0x8B  ‹  ‹  single left-pointing angle quotation mark
0x8C  Œ   Œ  latin capital ligature oe
0x8D              undefined
0X8E  Ž   Ž  latin capital letter z with caron
0x8F              undefined
0x90              undefined
0x91  ‘  ‘  left single quotation mark
0x92  ’  ’  right single quotation mark
0x93  “  “  left double quotation mark
0x94  ”  ”  right double quotation mark
0x95  •  •  bullet
0x96  –  –  en dash
0x97  —  —  em dash
0x98  ˜   ˜  small tilde
0x99  ™  ™  trade mark sign
0x9A  š   š  latin small letter s with caron
0x9B  ›  ›  single right-pointing angle quotation mark
0x9C  œ   œ  latin small ligature oe
0x9D              undefined
0x9E  ž   ž  latin small letter z with caron
0x9F  Ÿ   Ÿ  latin capital letter y with diaeresis

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