A software DVD player, written by Intervideo
While all software DVD players have rubbish picture quality, to the extent that DVD ripped to Divx ;-) ends up looking better1 this software player sucks less than most. Its nice features include:

- Operable without using stupid skinnable hyper-l33t interface: All the functions are accessible using toolbars, or right-clicking the video.
- hyper-l33t interface can be entirely switched off: I haven't seen any other DVD player that can do this... They must think it's helpful, or usable, or something...
- Actually deinterlaces fields properly : Finally, a DVD player that doesn't smear the remains of the previous frame all over the place... Anime is actually watchable using windvd. Moving objects don't grow tails.
- Displays both hardware and software region counters, and can set the drive region independently. DVD Genie can reset its software region counter.

WinDVD can be bought online from intervideo.com, and is also bundled by OEMs.

1 - Mainly due to the lack of interlace artifacts - DVD was designed to be viewed on a TV, DivX on a monitor...

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