Willie Sutton was a bank robber in the greater New York metropolitan area in the 1930s. He is primarily remembered on account of being asked by a reported "Why do you rob banks?" and he supposedly replied "Because that's where the money is." There is some question however as to whether he actually said that or if it was an embellisment added by the reporter. He was also widely known for his gentlemanly manners, stylish outfits, and clever robberies. He was also known as The Actor and Slick Willie on account of his masterful impersonations and disguises he used to get access to his targets.

He was born in Brooklyn on June 30, 1901, escaped from prison three times, and robbed numerous banks and a jewelery store using disguises to escape notice and infiltrate businesses without arousing suspicion. He was caught in 1952 after many years on the lam and put back in prison, but was released for health reasons in 1969. He died some years later on November 2, 1980.

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