Many years ago, the communications industry was monopolised by AT&T. Then William McGowan started up his steam powered entrepreneurial locomotive and founded MCI Communications, originally Microwave Communications, Inc.. The company wanted to build a bunch of microwave relay stations along route 66 for use by truckers and barges, but when they tried to get the FCC permits, they got in this big thang with AT&T. Something about private two-way radio connections to a telephone network, but at any rate, William McGowan and his team of microwave powered atomic robo-lawyers beat the shit out of them, then called their bitches at the FCC on the slimy bastards (this was somewhere around the June 1968 ruling in the Carterfone case). Will finally got the go-ahead to build his relay stations in August of 1969. William later started 1-800-COLLECT and used his marketing genius to make some bitch-ass advertisements with Wayne Eliot Knight and Mr. T.

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