Wichiri (Mammillaria craigii) is a spherical cactus of the Mammilaria genus. It has brightly colored orange and purple flowers, and long tufts of white cottony growth at the base of the spines. It is solitary, and can grow up to 15 cm (6 inches) in diameter.

The cactus is known to contain a number of psychoactive alkaloids, including some that are unspecified, but most importantly mescaline, a powerful psychedelic.

Wichiri is native to the south-western parts of Chihuahua, Sierra Tarahumara, and in Rio Urinique in Mexico, where it has tradationally been used as a ritual entheogen.

The intoxication produced by the cactus is followed by a deep sleep in which brilliant visions are produced. During this trance it is said that a person can travel great distances.

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