Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. Each person is drawn to one element more than the others. All four are present in every person's life, and in certain situations, any person can all love each of the four. Some people live to swim, some enjoy starting a fire, or just staring into one... Some love to fly, and others love to roll in the mud.

The more common elements to be drawn towards are water and fire... there are so many people that enjoy swimming, and quite a few that poke sticks in a fire to watch them burn. Fascination with earth is befudling; Who wants to play in the dirt all the time? Wind is the best element, by far, out of all four.

I am the 19 year old you see with a kite, after everyone else has dismissed them as childish. During especially windy days, particularly when a storm is moving in, i will sit and meditate outside. I don't normally do so other times. I love the air, and feel closest to it. I can play with a fan for hours, i love paper airplanes.. I enjoy flying my trick kite, and I would love to fly in a plane, or skydive.

I feel also, that wind is the most powerful of the elements. Earthquakes can destroy cities, and cause mayhem, as can floods... but both are limited to very small areas. Fires can devastate large masses of forest, and suburban areas (but it doesn't get far without the help of wind). Wind is the only element that can cause destruction anywhere. It reaches all climates: Snowstorms in the arctic regions, Monsoons in the tropical, hurricanes in coastal areas, and sandstorms in the deserts... Tornadoes in temperate zones that aren't coastal, and there are several I'm leaving out I'm sure.

Wind is full of fun, and I consider it the most free spirited of the elements as well. The only element that exists absolutely everywhere... and the one that you require the most for survival.

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