they want you to throw up.


the next time your little puppy comes up to you and starts making happy with its tongue, keep in mind that in the wild, this behavior was a signal for the mother dog (or whoever hunted within the group) to regurgitate whatever food it happened to find that day so that all could share. rather efficient means of transport, neh?

your dog is not trying to make friends. it's probably just hungry.
Adding to the fun of pet ownership...

A Phoenix forensic pathologist gave a presentation and noted the following tidbits about her line of work: Cats get up into your face at night to check and see if you're still breathing. She had seen numerous occasions where little old ladies had been found days later sans face, and nearby a contented fuzzball who looked no worse for not having been fed meow mix for a while.

Smaller breeds of dogs were also more likely to chew on their deceased owners. She made a point about cocker spaniels in particular. The larger breeds of dogs which were said to have been particularly well behaved would suffer while waiting for food without nibbling on eternally sleeping master.

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