Hasn't this ever happened to you? Picture it: you are with a bunch of friends, chatting and having a good time. Then, someone leaves, and people start to backstab him, criticize him and whine about how better off we are without him.

And when he/she was there, they were nice and talkative, laughed his/her jokes et al.

This makes me think if I would notice if people hated me. They'd probably act normal in front of me. Yes, like they do right now. And there's no way (no ethical way, at least) to check that out.

This is the type of question that nobody can answer for you because nobody will want to. 


Laura: John, why do I feel so insecure?

John: Well, Laura, I've noticed that you've been acting insecure ever since you got caught sleeping with your best friend's husband. Now that you're single, you are worried that people are judging you and you're worried that nobody will want you ever again. That's why you try so hard to find someone new. You think that once you find someone else, it will mean that you aren't defective after all and then you won't feel so horrible about yourself anymore.

Laura: . . . . . .


Okay, so maybe someone who hates you won't mind explaining things. Or, someone who doesn't hate you but has a blunt, House, MD personality.

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