In the interest of anonymity, the following is a letter that was written and emailed to a company from a client of theirs. (Of course, I cannot hide that fact that I was/am associated with the company.) The letter is in its orginal form, grammatical errors included. I only supplanted names, with titles (contained and indicated in + marks.)

Context: The company is a small web design firm, who developed a website and shopping cart for the client who sells boating equipment. As you'll see the client is not satisfied. The letter was written after a sales rep sent the client a search engine rankings report. This is his (spasmatically psychotic} response:

Begin letter

"This attachment has nothing in it I can see... i care little about the report.. i care alot that theres not even a way to contact us from our site.. I care alot that we paid you guys a fortune and got very little...and still have a zero functioning site.. I am so mad.. I really want to come over their and kill someone...whos first.. if I thought I could get away with it and if I really meant it, you both would have been dead by now.. I have never been so mad or wanted to kill somebody more... it eats away at me everyday and i can see you guys care little.. I will be over there wednesday of next week to discuss my disgust. Would 10am be a good time to come there and try and solve my problems. which are,,, i wasted all that money on a team of rip offs,,,,maybe the troubleshooter and another dot com company rip off will be newsworthy.. these yachtsmen have taught me lots of ways to get satisfaction...I am in your same kind of business. I have let my yachtsmen down before and learned the hard way about their vengence... This isnt over.. you had a chance to do alittle more work and make me happy but I guess work wasnt something you wanted to do, just take my money was all I saw... shall I count up how much I spent to send people to a non operational site...have you ever even went to my site and tried to be a consumer.. Face it,, your guys are neophite rip offs... thank god +your former designer+ got out of there, she true and pure...if you think these kinds of thing simply fade away, you are so wrong,, they fester like cancer and burn for revenge... get off your asses and work and do what you said you would do.. or I will have no choice but to file suit in superior and municpal courts.. I have hired as of today +a lawyer+ ... I have told him i would write the demand letter again myself and if this doesnt work, no warning letters.. file suit .... he owns a big yacht we worked on since 91 and owes me over 100 hours of legal fees in trade out hours now... I would suggest you find a law firm that can do trade outs with you because if you try and match our legal you will spend $17.500 just to find out if you are going to loose or win.. this isnt small claims, this is superior court.... wanna see whos unhappier? I showed +the lawyer+ the signed documents you guys shoved in my face to sign and the contracts. Most importantly I have a non hostile witness who was there for all the verbal agreements... She has been asked in for a voluntary deposition but we can suppena her and your miva kid. I think you know by now that I am dead serious about filing suit. I have had three months to make my final decision and this is your last chance to give me my monies worth"

End letter


The aftermath of this little upset is yet to be seen. If anything exciting happens, I'll node it.

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