Company founded in the mid 90's by a group formed primarily from ex-Air Force security personnel. They developed an IDS called NetRanger that worked with the StorageTek (formerly Network Systems Corporation) Borderguard routers (specifically Borderguard 2000 and Borderguard 1000). The NetRanger themselves ran on Pentium based machines running Solaris 2.5. The Wheelgroup was headquarted in northern San Antonio. In 1996 they entered a partnership with Austin based NetSolve to offer managed Internet security services based on the NetRanger appliances. In late 1997 and early 1998 the Wheelgroup released a NetRanger that worked in a Cisco router environment. Later in 1998 the Wheelgroup was aquired by San Jose based Cisco Systems. Cisco now has the primary bulk of their security group based in Austin, Texas off of the Research Blvd.

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