It seems that, as we grow older, we begin to mourn various aspects of our past kind of giving out on us. These can be many things, whether they are people, certain emotions, even our intellect (god forbid). It seems that, in such a numb, anestheticized country as the good ol' US of A, it is almost encouraging to recognize that we mourn things ... at least it's an emotion that we can't overcome with our minds.

So ... what do you mourn? What is that one person, place, emotion, time, whatever that you did or lost that you still can't get out of your mind?

I mourn for the idea that one can find the right person in one shot (be it gay or heterosexual), go out with that person, and you can be happy just like everybody else. I mourn for the idea of a balance between beauty and intellect. I mourn for Broadway because it's now a place only for big-name producers of plays and musicals. I mourn for the respect that a military person and their job can get from the general public. I mourned also for the idea of a clean-cut, drop-down, "let's go out to dinner, dance the night away, hang out, and end it all with a first kiss" kind of a date. I mourned for Jay Gatsby, even if he's a bootlegger. I mourned for the idea that my cybernetic body parts working for that "great war" someday...

I mourn for the way I could be amused by tacky plastic toys when I was a child. I once had a My Little Pony house, complete with movable baths and beds and tiny fun pink things, but if I were to bring it out now I would think of it as cheap and temporary.

I mourn for the thrill of waking up on Christmas morning and finding my stocking, overflowing and stuffed with goodies.

I mourn for everyone that I have left behind me, whether intentionally or not. Letting you go was like ripping off a band-aid.

I, like Kit Lo mourn for Broadway as it has now become Disney-fied and we know that The Lion King, Aida and Beauty And The Beast will run forever, when, unfortunately Ragtime, arguably the best musical of the past decade, ran shortly over two years.

I mourn for children in countries that are on those television commercials that I'm supposed to feel sorry for, even though I know that most of the money I would donate would go to something else (hence my reason for not donating).

Like birdonmyshoulder*, I mourn for the people I left behind, whether intentionally or not.

I mourn for George W. Bush. As much as I strongly dislike him, I actually feel sorry for him.

I mourn for Amos Hart, for he'll never be truly seen

I mourn for Britney Spears for several reasons...
a. she gets more mail from middle aged men wanting to do her than anyone else
b. when her singing days are over and she fades into obscurity she'll have nothing to do. (Actually, I'd laugh there but oh well)

I mourn for Kathie Lee Gifford. I didn't think anyone else would say it---so I did

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