Comic novel (1994) by American writer Robert Rodi. Brian Parrish, a gay cartoonist, is given the job of overhauling the cartoon character, Princess Paragon, out of the low ratings and into the present. He decides to 'out' her. She will meet a woman and fall in love. The character is so old, and so unpopular that it will either kill or cure the ratings' problem.

Jerome T. Kornacker, a spotty adolescent, obsessed with cartoons, mylar bags, and, particularly, with Princess Paragon (his bedroom is virtually a shrine to the superhero), is outraged when he reads the edition. He tracks down Parrish, kidnaps him (that's the second Rodi kidnapping, actually - see Fag Hag for the first) and writes the next edition of the comic strip himself. He faxes it off to the publisher's trying to pass it off as Parrish's. Of course, it doesn't work out like that.

It's all light-hearted stuff, but it's very effective and hugely funny. If Rodi is getting at something deeper, then it's the vanity of the fanatic. It's all first rate.

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