(-----disclaimer: e-everything does not refer to Everything, Everything 2, the Everything Devel Team, or any entities therein. You've been warned.-----)

Come on, people. We don't have to swallow this drivel...

We don't retail, we e-tail. We don't partake in commercial interactions on the net, we eTrade, and use eCommerce. Damn, people. Wake up. We don't need a bunch of droids telling us that e is better. Companies: don't put E in your name if you wanna be respected. No, I'm not saying that, say, Intel change its name to Intl... just don't go for the "e" when you're trying to sound fresh and hip and all that jazz. eBacterial Warfare just had its IPO... it seems to be doing just fine.Um, isn't that promoting warfare?No, it's just a bunch of freethinkers and random geniuses that banded together to do... um... to... research.Research what?I don't know.

This is getting excessive. And it's not the technical people doing this -- they understand, "Oh, AMD, they make silicone chip implants." It's the general public, and they're being overwhelmed. Marketroid types are just getting way too carried away. D-Link. They make computer parts. With a name like that, who would have guessed it? Anyone that has bought their products, or researched it.(as an aside, the machines I use in my house both have D-Link cards in them plugged into a D-Link four-slot hub... but I don't get money for mentioning them *sniffle*)

Is the average consumer nowadays too lazy to look up information on corporations? Hell, visit their web site and you'll get at least a basic idea of what the company is about... *sigh* but could our society go a day without the magical letter E being used to spice up software and hardware and computers and other e-merchandise? I e-hope so. I'm being driven e-sane. I'm gonna be e-bouncing off the e-walls.

and if this does become unshakable...
I get dibs on e-slashdot.org and e-everything2.com!

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