I personally transcribed this segment of a radio show in which Welteislehre is mentioned (no other transcript exists to my knowlege).  Try the Wikipedia page if you must know everything with verifiable citations; in my humble opinion it is nonsense, nothing to see here, move along!

Quoted from Hour of Slack #1160 -- "Bob" Science Vs. Dobbs Religion at 27m:40s. Hope this helps!

Most of your top-flight Nazis believed that giant chunks of ice were flying through space and were going to hit the earth and cause the doom of everything. It was called the - well I forget the German but it was called World Ice Theory, and the top SS men believed in it. Even though this was scientifically thought to be absurd, no one dared complain about it. It was one of the ritual beliefs that was fostered by Heinrich Himmler and his pan-Germanism. It's even more absurd than Velikovsky. Of course your unstable political minds are always susceptible to these cosmic mish-mashes of nonsense and nonsequitors....[They] like to live in a tiny,cozy, neat, orderly universe that they can comprehend instead of the large, unfathomable, and frightening evolutionary universe that we actually are forced to inhabit.

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