Yn unol â Deddf yr Iaith Gymraeg 1993, mae’n rhad i ddarparu gwybodaeth i siaradwyr Cymraeg yn yr iaith o’u dewis.

In accordance with the Welsh Language Act 1993 it is required to supply information to Welsh speakers in the language of their choice

Therefore all government departments are required to provide information in the Welsh Language, which means not only providing Welsh versions of leaflets and offical forms and documents but also to provide Welsh versions of whatever internet prescence they establish. Obviously the Welsh National Assembly (http://www.cymru.gov.uk/index.htm) has a comprehensive Welsh version of its website.

Just as in the real world, other organisations on the internet feel the need to provide Welsh language versions.

Newyddion - News

Read the daily news in Welsh from the BBC

Chwylio - Search

Google provides the facility to search the web in Welsh

Cyfeiriadur - Directory

The primary access point for Wales related information and services on the web.

Geiriadur - Dictionary

An on-line Welsh-English and English-Welsh Dictionary from the University of Wales, Lampeter

Gwe-lywiwr - Web browser

The Welsh version of the Mozilla web application suite

Meddalwedd - Software

Run Linux in Welsh and other fun stuff

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