New Atlantis, Mayor's Log, 2313-01-20-09:41

Day #23,692 of bombardment from the land-based life forms. The outer dome over our submerged city is holding, but the sheer volume of boulders is starting to concern the engineers. Either we will start to have power issues because the rocks are blocking the solar panels or the dome frame will start to buckle at the edges in less than a year, according to their calculations. 

I sent another volunteer to the lands we abandoned to talk to the sentients that took over and drove us out. I expect he will be killed like the others so we sent someone from the service industry, a barista.

Speaking of baristas, our scientists have figured out how to make a form of Scottish Breakfast Tea out of our normal Ceylon-based ones we have in hydroponics. The coffee beans are also above expected yield, so we'll probably have to lower the prices to our citizens.


New Atlantis, Mayor's Log, 2313-01-20-12:17

Surprise! The bombardments have stopped and Mr. Hughton, the barista, has returned with an envoy from the land. We expect to meet with them shortly, so our hydroponics folks are setting up a feast in their honor. It may not smell nice, since our fertilizers are based on waste products, but this is a breakthrough.


New Atlantis, Mayor's Log, 2313-01-20-16:04

The envoy seems to be a young sapling from the Oak family. It's weird to see a walking tree that also talks, but ever since the plants took over the land, we've had to adjust to the plants evolving. Things are progressing well, and we may have a possible permanent peace treaty. The Oak appreciated the meal and said it was exceptionally prepared.

I need to go, since Mr. Hughton is bringing over a cup from his employer. I expect they'll get a lot of advertising benefits out of this.


New Atlantis, Mayor's Log, 2313-01-21-02:13

Day #23,693 of bombardment from the land-based life forms. Note to future Mayors of New Atlantis: Don't mention that coffee is made from unborn seedlings and tea is made from leaves torn from the heads of living plants. The look of horror on the Envoy's face when it realized what was in his cup of tea will haunt me forever.

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