Founded in 1992, the Weekly Alibi (often shortened to Alibi, as in, “Hey, I’m going out to get an Alibi!”) is a free alternative newspaper published in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

It contains news on what the city council is currently voting on, news on various things happening in the city, numerous editorials and letters to the editor— almost every issue has a letter from Don Schrader—, detailed art, movie, and restaurant reviews, the Straight Dope and a few other famous columns, an event calendar, horoscope, classifieds and numerous stripper and escort numbers, and a few comics liberally scattered throughout the rag.

I enjoy the Alibi because it gives a more detailed account of what is happening with city politics than the Albuquerque Journal does. The Journal likes to report on scandals, but I’ve never once seen it detail the inner-workings of the city council, which the Alibi does every issue. The Alibi is a strong supporter of local art and cinema and music, most of its staff are involved in some way in the field that they report on (in particular I am thinking of their Film Editor, Devin O’Leary, who can be found as a promoter at the Guild Cinema).

It is a left leaning newspaper and doesn’t try to hide it (if anything they’re very proud of it) and has offered some scathing editorials in the past on both local and national politics.

Or if you don’t care about that, you can always buy it for the escort ads.

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