Joy joy happy joy, a new Robert Rankin book. And you avid reader of nodes, might be wondering why it is that only I write Robert Rankin book reviews. And it is a legitimate question for you to ask.

avid reader of nodes: "Why is is that only you write Robert Rankin book reviews"?

Footprints: "It's not, actually. Others have written Robert Rankin book reviews."

avid reader of nodes: "So why did you say nobody else writes Robert Rankin book reviews?"

Footprints: "I didn't."

(go on - check - I didn't.)

avid reader of nodes: "Oh. Okay, so if you're already here, why don't you tell us a little about the book?"

Footprints: "I will. Verily, forthwith, right away and things of that nature."

avid reader of nodes: "..."

Footprints: "The book is mostly ecru."

avid reader of nodes: "What the fuck is ecru?"

Footprints: "It is a type of off-white. It is the color of universal harmony. Incidentally, it is the color of the pages in many other Rankin books, like The Book Of Ultimate Truths, Waiting For Godalming and A Dog Called Demolition. Not to mention The Spy Who Came With A Coat."

avid reader of nodes: "The Spy Who Came With A Coat?"

Footprints: "I told you not to mention that.

avid reader of nodes: "So are you going to tell me anything at all about the book?"

Footprints: "Probably not."

avid reader of nodes: "Oh, so you're an idiot."

Footprints: "Get the hell out of my node."

Okay, a little about the book - it's set in Brentford, it's got a hero named Derek, and a heroine named Kelly, and Big Bob, and colors like puce. There is talk of computer games, and the rapture and things of that nature. And a little Hugo Rune wisdom. Not to mention a little doggy.

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