a. & n. from Water, v.

Watering call Mil., a sound of trumpet or bugle summoning cavalry soldiers to assemble for the purpose of watering their horses. -- Watering cart, a sprinkling cart. See Water. -- Watering place. (a) A place where water may be obtained, as for a ship, for cattle, etc. (b) A place where there are springs of medicinal water, or a place by the sea, or by some large body of water, to which people resort for bathing, recreation, boating, etc. -- Watering pot. (a) A kind of bucket fitted with a rose, or perforated nozzle, -- used for watering flowers, paths, etc. (b) Zool. Any one of several species of marine bivalve shells of the genus Aspergillum, or Brechites. The valves are small, and consolidated with the capacious calcareous tube which incases the entire animal. The tube is closed at the anterior end by a convex disk perforated by numerous pores, or tubules, and resembling the rose of a watering pot. -- Watering trough, a trough from which cattle, horses, and other animals drink.


© Webster 1913.

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