Semi-heavy metal band formed by singer Kory Clarke with guitarist John Ricco, bassist Pete McLanahan and drummer Paul Ferguson. Their wonderful 1990 album Last Decade Dead Century was a lyrical alternative to the hair bands that were popular at the time, with very political lyrics over their hard-rock sound. Unfortunately, their second album, 1991's Drugs, God and the New Republic (with new drummer Mark Evans) wasn't as exciting, and the grunge sound was taking over the audience who wanted to rebel against good-time metal.

Their next two albums, Salutions from the Ghetto Nation and Chill Pill, didn't go anywhere, and between that and Clarke's public tirades against their record label, Geffen Records, the band were dropped by the label in 1994. With a much-changed line-up still led by Clarke, they did one more album, Space Age Playboys, on the Futurist label, before breaking up. A compilation called Odds and Ends was released after the breakup.

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