Stupid name. Didn't come up with it. Ori Hofmekler did.
He also wrote a book about it but didn't exactly invent the system behind the name.
Seems he mainly just copied the idea from another diet called Animalbolics (even worse of a name, thus I'll stick to Warrior Diet).
Long story short (long sentence though),
it's about eating all the food one would usually consume during 3-5 meals distributed over the course of a whole day in just one big meal at the evening.

BENEFITS include:
  • light hunger-induced endorphine high
  • possibility of easy (but not mandatory) weight loss
  • ability to endure a whole day (or two) without any food
  • fortified concentration/senses and stamina
  • Tooth decay is significantly decelerated due to decreased food/sugar exposure time.
  • The Warrior Diet is known to counteract the symptoms of Morbus Crohn.
  • It's also likely to increase one's lifespan, due to being a variety of permanent Caloric Reduction.

  • Furthermore (and most important to those who seek to lose weight):
    You can basically go sandworm on your favorite food, without the need to hold back - and still lose weight.
    It won't magically make unhealthy food healthy. Keep that in mind while thinking about eating large amounts of cake/chips/sweets/etc.

  • Won't function with the Uberman Sleep schedule.
  • Watching other people eat while sitting at the table/not eating isn't much fun.
  • People might think you're anorectic/bulimic.
  • You most likely won't be able to do any kind of exercise right after the big meal.
  • It might even knock you out/send you sleeping, depending on what exactly you eat.

  • Drink a lot.
  • Your body will make heightened use of body fat, thereby releasing stored toxins into your blood circulation. Your kidneys/liver need lots of water to handle/expell these.
  • Don't be afraid of hunger.
  • It might feel weird to not eat a single thing over such a long time.
    Know and accept that it's not unhealthy or somehow otherwise menacing. Or don't and panic/imagine you're starving, if that's your piece of cake.
  • Don't be afraid to lose too much weight.
  • While lower than usual, the average caloric intake during this kind of diet is still high enough to remain healthy and functional.
  • Adjustment time is about one or two weeks.
  • During that time your mind will get used to it and the carb stores in your muscles/liver will increase their volume.
  • You're allowed to eat fruits/vegetables during the day (optional!).
  • How much exactly is to be figured out, you'll notice it's too much if the effects noted under 'Benefits' are impaired. Stay away from any cooked food though.
  • The initial effect may lessen as the body adjusts over the course of months.
  • You'll still feel much better than you would while eating normally, but it won't be as intense as it was in the beginning anymore.
  • Some people prefer to eat the big meal right before they go to sleep. (Not recommended, might be an option for some.)
  • It's possible (but not recommended) to interrupt the Warrior Diet and eat normally for one or several days (i.e. to gain weight or some other reason).

The autor of this article sucessfully (like in not getting fat while spending most of his time in front of a computer
+ random shots of moderate exercise & eating not so moderate amounts of food) performed the Warrior Diet over a duration of three years.
Gathering all information concerning the topic in bodybuilding message boards, he never read a single page of Ori's book.

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