You will often see it stated that more people have been killed as a result of Christianity than any other cause.

The various World wars of this century notwithstanding.

What's actually being stated here is that this ideal, this religion...Christianity...has been used as a tool with which to bludgeon an awful lot of folks over the ages.

But if we actually look at the historical details behind things...(the rise of the Roman Catholic Church, the Crusades, the Nazi rise to power and erradication of those not within the Christian Aryan idea...the Inquisition) we generally find that the causes at work have


to do with what's actually in the book itself.

What we do see is population pressures and racial vengeance and political empires that find power in religion, and so on.

Propaganda, and the melding of people's minds with a political ideal through an entirely too familiar religious front.

Christianity, under the modern covenant, is about forgiveness and turning the other cheek, and charity and grace. You will find nothing there about wars and genocide and Inquisitions and the like. It is a war for the hearts and souls of mankind that has nothing to do with swords and stakes.

In much the same way, the swastika is often regarded as a sign of evil in the world...even though, in the many thousands of years preceeding WWII, it was a sign of balance and peace and prosperity, etc.

When we look at what is behind these signs, these platforms, these religions...they do not coincide with their uses. We can see this clearly, we understand the trick that is being played...but we accept it anyway, and learn to hate the tool, the sign...rather than the hands behind it.

Our enemies are not organized religion, or icons, or gods, but human beings who can only find comfort in the oppression of others, and who's purpose is worked out in horror and torment and suffering upon the rest of the human race.

A weapon, in the words of Lois McMaster Bujold, is anything that will change the mind of the enemy. Let us not continue to focus our attentions, our hatred on those weapons...but rather on the minds that would wield them against us.

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