This is taken from a longer piece of fiction from my website (visit my homenode for its address if you care). It describes a feeling I get constantly IRL. I call it waiting for the jolt. It's a dialog between an unknown man (explaining) and an unknown woman (inquiring).

Have you ever felt about it when you're in a car, wait. Let me start over. You know how when you're in a car, or train, or bus or something, and it stops?

Well, of course.

Okay. Now, most of the time, when it stops, it slows down and then when it's almost stopped it suddenly jerks to a halt? Like really soft, 'cause it's almost stopped, but you move in your seat a little little bit forward as it actually stops, and then when you rock back...then after it's stopped, you rock back a little bit. Sometimes you're leaning forward the whole time 'cause it's slowing down fast, so when it does stop you rock way back in your seat.

Oh, yes. Yes, I know that. Is that the jolt?

In a way. Okay, now, sometimes, and not very often unless you're with a good driver or on a very slow train, you come to a stop so gently that there's no jolt.


Well, when that happens to me, I find myself tensed up and waiting for the jolt. When it doesn't come, I get out of sync. If I'm driving the car I sometimes have to let it edge forward so I can stop more sharply and that's the only way to untense myself. Like until I get the jolt, my body won't believe it's stopped.


So when I feel like that in life, I'm waiting for the jolt.

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