The former call letters of the Orlando, FL area CBS affiliate. It was bought by Katherine M. Graham and The Washington Post in 1997 and rechristened WKMG (W + Graham's initials, KMG). It's Channel 6 on your dial (well, if your TV has a dial. And you don't have cable).

Prior to the changeover from CPX to KMG there was an on-air campaign that promised nothing would change about the station. Then after the buy-out everything changed.

The familiar, professional news team was replaced with a stereotypical Action News crew (complete with a consumer watchdog segment), infomercials crept on to the schedule, and local programming began to sport more and more commercials.

But back to WCPX... It first went on the air in 1954 as WDBO-TV (Way Down By Orlando) and broadcasted 56 hours of programming per week. In 1956 the station began broadcasting all day long. Most of the programming came from CBS, but it also aired soap operas from NBC and ABC.

In 1970 the station erected it's new state-of-the-art broadcasting tower. The 1500 ft. high tower was in the 49th largest in the nation. In 1973 the tower came crashing to the ground (oops).

In 1982 the WDBO-TV name was sold and it was believed that Columbia Pictures would be buying the station. Therefore the call letters were changed to WCPX. When the sale failed to happen, the call letters stuck anyway. Those letters remained until the KMG buyout.

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