Haiku Salut is
Gemma, Sophie and Louise
instrumental grace

a hint of spice girls?
or maybe Derbyshire?
glamorous baroque

organ, piano,
accordion and trumpet
sing without voices

sunday afternoon
knitting at your best friend's house
let's take it outside

The Dierdres re-formed
hello from Derbyshire
making a new sound

after a year's rest
trying an experiment
sounds like a success

colorful fibers
take the place of sprayed pigments
guerrilla knitting

primary colors
simple and harmonious
knit purl knit purl knit

feeling cozy yet?
Indie pop music
take your friends along

secret forever
vowels as clear as church bells
a quiche or snaffle

for the wanderers,
rustic sense of migration

look out the window
is that acrylic or wool?
I love the colors

simple and tasteful
familiar but not boring
new classics today

beginning slowly
growing in complexity
taking you somewhere

sighing breaths of song
early one foggy morning
carried on the air

align attention
collect sensitivity
sharpened and focused

a fleeting uncertainty

how we got along
(nothing to worry about)
after the yarn bomb

Three mute girls blending
folktronica and baroque

check out those tattoos
for an eventful summer
sharing the colors

accordions and
glockenspiels, ukuleles,
pianos, laptop

UK summertime
the indiepop festival
how couldn't you hear

chill out and listen
relax and have a listen
stop and just listen

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