The second generation 3d accelerator from 3dfx. A 2D SVGA adapter is still required, as the Voodoo2 is a pass-through 3D only gard. The Voodoo2 has 2 seperate texelfx rendering chips feeding 1 pixelfx chip. (Texelfx is the texture processing chip from the original Voodoo graphics board, and pixelfx is it's framebuffer chip). Reusing the same framebuffer chip from the Voodoo1 limited the Voodoo2 to a 16-bit frambuffer, even though the rendering pipeline is 24-bit. The Voodoo2's fill rate is about 90 megapixels/second, but could be up to 180 megapixels with two cards connected in SLI mode.
Voodoo2 features: Sources: old information taken from, Voodoo2 1000 retail box

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