In Gloranthan mythology, the God of Vampires.
Once Vivamort was a Darkness spirit, a guardian of a Secret in Subere's palace in Hell. He didn't know the Secret himself. When Eurmal the trickster and thief came to him, he betrayed his post to learn the Secret with Eurmal. It was the Death Rune.
Vivamort had to flee Hell when murdered Yelm arrived. Malia sheltered him, and to this day Vampires need not fear disease. Then the Unholy Trio let Chaos into the world. Chaos wounded him fatally, and as his power bled out into the Void, he allied with Chaos to preserve himself. Chaos warped his Death nature, mixed it up with his Life, and Vivamort made/became a new Rune: Hunger, the empty life that must feed on death.
Vivamort was cursed by Yelm, the Sun, so now vampires lose their vampiric powers in sunlight. He was cursed by Ty Kora Tek, Earth Goddess of the Grave, for stealing her souls; and the River Styx swore he would never cross her waters. Now a drop of Styx water will destroy a vampire, and vampires cannot cross any river.

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