Lightgun game made by Sega's AM2 division for the Sega Model 2 board, most notable for being the first game of this genre to be done in 3D. At the time of it's announcement, many people asked what improvements could be brought to the game by the move to 3D. Playing it, the answers are obvious. Until this time, lightgun games (Operation Wolf, Lethal Enforcers) scrolled from side to side, with little concept of distance. Virtua Cop changed that. Bad guys can appear close up, or perched in far off towers. Your character walks into the screen, hiding behind scenery, and occasionally taking wrong turns. In the background, enemies can be seen running from location to location, who can also be picked off at a distance. Scenery plays an important roll in the game aswell. Cranes can be knocked over by exploding barrels, bad guys can start driving trucks or JCBs (who will attack you if you don't shot them in time). True, Laserdisc games achieved all this to a certain extent, but they were stiffled by the limitations of the LD format. The lightgun game is one genre that has truely benefitted from the move to 3D, and Virtua Cop is a seminal title, and one that anyone interested in historical pieces should own. It's also great to play. :) The Sega Saturn conversion, handled by AM2 themselves is an excellent piece of work, that does an admirable job of recreating the arcade game on Sega's home hardware.

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