Ok- so for one reason or another no alcohol right? Well you can still enjoy the lovely pineapple taste - try this!

Whatcha need to make this tropical delite:

For your decorations:

So now you have a pile of edibles - what do you need to do next?

Prepare your blender
  • add the ice and crush it to a fine constancy.
  • add into the blender pineapple juice/chunks

Check if you have the correct constancy by placing a cherry onto the surface and make sure it keeps afloat

Does it look right?

Then pour it into a tall classy glass add a cherry with a slice of fruit and a cute paper umbrella - and you're set!


Hints from other noders!

Ouroboros says re: Virgin Pina Colada: much easier if you freeze the can of coconut cream and the pineapple chunks!

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