When into a room I plunge, I
Sometimes find some violet fungi.
Then I linger, darkly brooding
On the poison they're exuding.

--The Roguelet's ABC

The violet fungus is a form of fungus found in many fantasy role-playing games.

The violet fungus is a mindless plant. They feed off dead organic matter (usually growing right out of the corpse of a dead mammal).

The violet fungus has developed a very deadly form of defense. They will have from one to four branches that they use to strike out at any creatures that come near them. The touch of these branches can rot flesh in seconds. Most victims are quickly rotted to death, before they get their wits together enough to flee the area of the fungus (even if they flee, the rotting will spread unless the rotting body part is cut off)

The fungus will typically move itself over to its most recent victim to feed off of what is left of them (sometimes a new fungus will sprout in the remains of an old victim, which is how these fungi reproduce).

Violet fungus are often found in close proximity to shriekers (they compliment each other nicely).

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