Just an add-on to what hatless said. Veselka has the BEST pierogis in the world. Plus they make amazing extra-thick shakes. I consider Veselka my favourite 24 Hour Ukranian restaurant in the East Village. It is far supperior to the Kiev even if it's prices are a bit steep. Around Christmas time I do recomend the Christmas Borscht. It is a hot beet soup with dumplings floating in it... mmmmm. Veselka is a great place to sit with a cup of coffee and to just write, or talk with a friend. There is an extremely eclectic draw of people into the restaurant, so especially if one is working on a creative document, they will have good influences streaming through all day. Aside from food, on thing that Veselka is known for is the fact that they always sell coppies of The New York Times outside, and as you are paying for whatever meal you just had you can play any game that the New York Lottery has in existance. (sorry folks though... no quickdraw).

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