"Veritech" is more properly an adjective than a noun, i.e., Veritech Fighter. Veritech refers to transformable mecha in the Robotech universe.

The Veritechs in the three series included:

  • Macross
  • Southern Cross
    • Hovertank
      As the name implies, a floating tank with a Battloid mode and a portable artillery mode called "Gladiator"
    • AJACS Helicopter
      With a Battloid mode and a fixed-wing space flight mode
  • Mospeada/Invid Invasion
    • Cyclone Ride Armor
      Motorcycle that transformed and melded to the rider's armor, bestowing flight capability
    • Alpha Fighter
      Next-generation veritech fighter, smaller and more heavily armored, with Battloid and Guardian configurations
    • Beta Fighter
      A huge fighter/bomber that can link with the Alpha Fighter for dual-boost configuration. Has a Battloid mode.

There were four configurations of Veritech fighters used aboard the SDF-1 in the series Robotech: VF-1D, VF-1A, VF-1J and VF-1S . The head module is the most obvious feature that distinguishes which model it is.

The VF-1D is a trainer model used to instruct new recruits on the intricacies of using a Veritech fighter. It has the most armor of any model, but also suffers a lack of speed, missile capacity and maneuverability. It incorporates a second seat in its cockpit for use by the instructor and was the only model to have multi-pilot capabilities. The VF-1D’s head module has two, flat viewing slits, one for each pilot and a small laser turret mounted on each side. This is the model Veritech that Rick Hunter inadvertently flew during the initial Zentraedi attack on Macross Island.

The VF-1A is a well-rounded, balanced model. It sacrifices some of its armor for greater maneuverability and speed. The head module has a square viewing window. The face is angular and the least human-looking design. This is the model Veritech flown by Max Sterling throughout the series.

The VF-1J is similar in performance with the VF-1A but with slightly more agility and missile effectiveness and less armor. The head module has a single viewing slit and has a laser turret mounted on each side. This is the model that Rick Hunter was assigned to fly after he officially joined the Robotech Defense Force. Miriya was also assigned to this model Veritech.

The VF-1S configuration has the largest missile load, the greatest destructive capacity and is the most maneuverable. However, this comes at the expense of the fighter’s armor. This model is reserved for expert pilots who can use the increased agility and advanced targeting system to their advantage and do not need to rely upon armor to compensate for their mistakes. The head module is similar to the VF-1J with the exception of twin lasers mounted on each side. Skull One, the Veritech flown by Roy Fokker during the first half of the series was a VF-1S. This unit was later transferred for use by Rick Hunter after Roy Fokker’s untimely death.

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