Verge of tears

Heart hurts
Verge of tears
Drinking beers
Wanna run away
Some punks will pay
Loud voices
And fucking noises
Crying baby
Old lady
Head aches
Fuck this day
Let this world let me be
Id do anything for privacy
Stop arguing! Its stressing me
But in this darkness, i found light
Those few people i know tonight
Who are here for me
And my medicine, my poetry
Relieves the pain that burdens me
Its soothes me and lets me see
See everything that makes me happy
cradles me, secures me until im comfy
When im on the verge of tears
It pulls me back a million years
Without this gift given to me
My verge of tears would be a sea
Releasing darkness upon me
When i couldn't get any sicker
Makes clear the blackest river
I never wanna die
Nothing will make me cry
U wont hear me sigh
Im higher then the sky
From my sweet divine
Talent of rhyme
It helps every time
Stopping the verge of tears
For what will seem a million years
My heart wont hurt
Free t-shirt
No more tears
No more beer
Come back home
Leave punks alone
quite voices
No more noises
Happy baby
Young lady
Heads ok
I love this day


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