The Daktronics Venus 4300 is a computer-controlled programmable display system that can drive up to four signs using a PS/2 PC equipped with two floppy drives and a proprietary Micro Channel interface card. Unlike the newer low-end Daktronics light sign systems, such as the Venus 1500, it can handle both text and graphics. It uses a text-based proprietary interface developed by Daktronics. The Venus 4400 is it's hard drive equipped sibling.

Although the system is far out of date by today's standards, many were installed in the early 1980's and venues that use the system are having many problems with maintnence of the unit(s). The system boots off of a master floppy and uses the second drive for a data disk. These disks have a relatively high failure rate compared to hard drives, and cost about $70 to replace when ordered from Daktronics. Because they use a proprietary disk format, copying isn't possible using conventional means - the only way to copy a disk is by using a disk image.

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