Vendramism is - or at least pretends to be - a religion founded in 1892 by His Holiness Sri Vendra Yallah (1874 - 1906).

In short, Vendramists believe that the world as we know it is nothing more than a gathering of cosmic energies, good and evil, coming from a place called Barest ("where Gods sleep"). The human race is made up of disembodied spirits from all planes of existence, still resonating of the prime Om, that in their need to evolve further and further have the need to escape Barest and its materialism and join the highly realized spirits in Awt-bar ("where Gods show").

Other sources claim it to be an elaborate mock-up of Internet religions like Kibology or the Church of the subgenius created by some hippie geeks calling themselves The Vendra Brotherhood Opus in 1996. In all cases, it was never quite a success. But, you know, "La vita xé un bidon".

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