There is one Christian Black Metal band that caught my attention by the name of Vaakevandring (which means according to the band "to walk and wake up the people")

They haven't released much but here is their current discography:

Vaakevandring - Demo 98/99 - Demo with three tracks recorded with help from former Dimmu Borgir member Stein Aarstad.

One of their songs "Fall of man", was featured on the compilation CD "In the shadow of Death" (2000) featuring new Norwegian and Swedish blackmetal bands.


  • Morten Sigmund Magerøy - Synths, guitars and clean vocals
  • Ronny Hansen - Lead Vocals
  • Alexander Nygaard - Guitars
  • Trond Bjørnstad - Bass
  • Pål Dæhlen - Drums
  • Solveig Maria Magerøy - Female vocals (Not permanent member)
  • Vemod- Guitar (Not permanent member)

Taken from the bands website:

"Vaakevandring want to spread the word of Jesus Christ, the saviour. Vaakevandring is a totally different kind of black metal band. Compared to Dimmu Borgir, Covenant, Emperor or Scaliach, for example, they are something completely different, but their musically influences are related. To straighten this out a bit, you could say that Vaakevandring play a sort of athmospheric epic black metal, with lots of synths and relaxing melodies. Vaakevandring are from Norway,(you've probably already guessed) and by all means, they play the Norwegian type of black metal"

The sound of this band reminds me of early Dimmu Borgir and some Vintersorg. Really interesting sound, and full of contrast made by growl vocals and a Christian message.
Worth checking out.

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