The creator of useless telnet, while certainly being honest, was also being too modest. While this small telnet client may not provide any functionality from any other client (and a great deal less than many, since it has no SSH or other such features) it has to be one of the coolest internet programs, especially considering its negligible size.

The client window displays a telnet session in the receeding into the background style of the introductions to Star Wars movies. This makes serious computing dificult, of course, but is still very cool to look at. In addition, the newest version of the program also has a Matrix feature, allowing text to be displayed on a screen cluttered up by falling green letters. This particular feature is worse then useless, since it is impossible to see what is on the screen. But again, it is very cool.

Knowledge of useless telnet is fairly widespread, since it was featured as a Slashdot Quickie. It is available from If you have nothing better to do, go take a look at it.

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