Also called Ur.

Strength, Man and Womanhood

This is the rune of termination and new beginnings. Drawing this rune indicates that the life you are living has outgrown its form, and that it is time for a change. This is the time for your present life to die, and for your new life to take form. Your growth and change may involve a passage into darkness. Prepare for opportunity and a few losses of someone or something you have a strong emotional bond to. You must discover a new perspective and a new birth, but to find these you must first shift through the ashes of your past. You must also look into your future.

Reversed- You need to be careful to not miss advantages, as they can result in weakening of positions. It may seem that your own strength is being used against you. This rune can also provide helpful things for your future in the form of minor failures and disappointments. This rune reversed calls for serious thoughts about current relationships.

Uruz corresponds with:

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