a performance piece written by Kurt Schwitters.

"The Sonata consists of four movements, of an overture and a finale, and seventhly, of a cadenza in the fourth movement. The first movement is a rondo with four main themes, designated as such in the text of the Sonata. You yourself will certainly feel the rhythm, slack or strong, high or low, taut or loose."

The four movements are:

  • 1.Introduction and Rondo
  • 2.Largo
  • 3.Scherzo - Trio - Scherzo
  • 4.Presto - Denoument - Cadenza - Finale

This is a long example of sound poetry.

Sources: Motherwell, Robert "The Dada Painters and Poets: An Anthology", Harvard University Press, 1951 Rubin, William S., "Dada, Surrealism, and Their Heritage", Muesum of Modern Art, NY, 1968. Last Updated 12.09.01

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