"The inspiration behind Unstable Tina was forged in Saturday mornings full of cartoons, evenings glued to Solid Gold and Dance Fever, and endless consumption of MTV in its golden age. Tempered in late 20th century pop culture, Unstable Tina emerged ready to rock nostalgic in 2001."

 -- from the Unstable Tina web site

Unstable Tina is a cover band based in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. Currently there are seven members - Vic Burnley, Joe Derhake, Antonio Harris, Mike Hogeland, Ben Foust, Benjy Portnoy, and Tina herself, my personal Goddess, Kristina McGaughey.

Though they have a fairly high turnover of band members (three in the past six months), they have maintained a consistent sound and attitude, due primarily to the distressingly cheerful and infectious presence of McGaughey. They specialize in '80s music, but they have more than a few songs on their set list from the '70s and '90s as well. They are fast becoming infamous (at least locally) for the fact that the six male band members have this tendency to get almost totally naked during the show, and for McGaughey's odd outfits (leather, glitter, and feather boas).

Oh yeah, and they rock too. Lots of dancing fun, the band members themselves are incredibly cool to hang out with, and I'm honor-bound to point out that Kristina looks awfully good in the aforementioned leather.

(Not that I'm a groupie or anything...)

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