The University of Chile was created by Andres Bello in 1843 Initially, it has only 5 faculties: Humanities and Philosophy, Mathematics and Physics, Laws and Politics, Medicine and Theology.

At the very beginning, the university also worked as the responsible for all the teaching in Chile, but lost that function on 1927.

Some of the creations of this university are the National Ballet of Chile (1945), the Symphonic Orchestra of Chile (1941) and the Contemporary Arts Museum (1947), Theaters, Astronomical Observatories, Sismological stations, etc.

On the coup d'etat in Chile in 1973, the military government starts to designate all the highests authorities of the university. It was done only 2 weeks after the military coup, so i think that getting to control this university was very important for them. sigh. The militars also dictated that all regional campus of the university will be universities by themselves.

The University of Chile is located in Santiago, Chile, and has a beautifull main building right at the very center of the city. It has a lot of faculties scattered all over Santiago.

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