Unidraw was the thesis work of John Vlissides and lays a foundation which he showed could be built upon with a schematic editor, a GUI builder, and idraw. The layer which turned Unidraw into idraw is another foundation laid on the first, which was proof by induction of the utility of Unidraw. With OverlayUnidraw, ComUnidraw, FrameUnidraw, and GraphUnidraw in ivtools, MapUnidraw, ProjUnidraw, UtmUnidraw, VpfUnidraw, DlgUnidraw, and VhclUnidraw in vhclmaps we've continued building our own repeated layers on the foundation. The idraw of InterViews 2.6 and the fdraw in Fresco have proven to be similar foundations where projects like Target Jr and IUE have used similar layering of frameworks.

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