Umm okay

like me and Tabitha

Tabby and me

we’re hanging out

like at the mall

like in the food court

umm okay

and Tabs is all

you know about Ryan

you know what they say

and I’m all like no

and Tabby like whispers

and I’m like no way

Tabs is like way

we’re next to the chili dog place

and I’m like you want one

and she’s all no way

I’m allergic to chili dogs

I get like hives okay

I never heard of anyone

allergic to chili dogs

I’m like umm okay

and I order a foot long

and Tabby like whispers

she goes swear to god

that’s what they say

and I’m all like Tabs

you think when we’re thirty

we’ll talk this way

when we have jobs

and husbands and kids

you think we’ll talk this way then

‘cause that would be like not okay

and Tabby goes way

way not okay

I go way

she goes way

she goes look there’s Ryan

I go tell me again

she’s like umm okay.




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