Ultimate Airball : A field system similar to Sup'air ball fields, the main differences being the materials with which the two systems are made and the absence of a constant blower on the Ultimate Airball system.
Ultimate Airball was created by Brimstone Paintball of Ohio and made available to the public between the fall of 2000 and the spring of 2001. The system uses the same airtight fabric and seam weld as is used in the construction of whitewater rafts. The UA system also inflates with the use of a simple leaf blower and maintains the proper pressure with the use of a one-and-a-half-way valve similar to what is used on whitewater rafts. This system has taken much of the Sup'Air market due to it's simplicity of design and the multiple ways in which you can place the inflated bunkers on the field. Sup'Air has attempted to combat their loss of popularity by creating a system using a gas-permeable fabric and a cordless blower which runs constantly to keep the bunker fully inflated.

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