Ulla Isaksson is well known not only for writing the manuscripts of two Ingmar Bergman movies, but also for her writings about women's issues.

The author of the manuscripts for the Bergman-directed films "The Virgin Spring" (1960) and "Brink of Life" (1958) saw her early work marked by tension and religious conflict, while her later novels focused on erotic motifs, women's issues and raising children.

Isaksson wrote her first novel, "The Tree", in 1940.

Other works included "Paradise Square", "The Women's House", "The Birthday", and "The Book About E", which was about her husband, Erik Hjalmar Linder who died in 1994.

She and Linder also co-wrote a two-part biography of Swedish novelist Elin Wagner that is considered the foremost work on the feminist writer, who died in 1949.

Isaksson received an honorary doctorate degree in philosophy from Stockholm University in 1978, as well as local writing awards.

The Swedish literary society De Nio - of which she was a member - also awarded her $11,400 last year for her "penetrating, clear and bold depiction of women's reality".

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