Eight O'Clock on a Friday Night


Being a Sonic Collage in 12 Parts

Or, Yeah, I Could Make a Really Cool Node If I Could Insert Pictures Too

An inquiry into the nature and history of rhythm and rocking the fuck out,
Of getting one's groove on (or back, if said groove has been lost),
And a starter track for that imaginary weekend, back in the well-remembered youth you never lived.

Track List

0. DJ Caiaphas - Intro
1. Photek - Ni Ten Ichi Ryu
2. Abyssinians - Y Mas Gan Dub
3. DJ Food - Ageing Young Rebel
4. Bill Evans - Oleo
5. Soul Coughing - Rolling
6. Alva Noto - Module 1

caesura: DJ Food - Break

7. The Herbaliser Ft. Latyrx - 8pt Agenda
8. Mr Scruff - Get a Move On
9. Cornershop - Brimful of Asha (Fatboy Slim Remix)
10. Mr Scruff Ft. Roots Manuva - Jusjus
11. Beastie Boys - Root Down (PP Balloon Mix)

Not really my usual fare - no metal to be seen, lots of breakbeat and hip hop. I'd like to think that this mix is united by a sense of rhythm and groove, but I wouldn't think too hard about it.

I have broken a - perhaps the - cardinal rule of the mix, twice. I included two artist duplications. DJ Food and Mr. Scruff both appear twice on this album. In my defense I will say that they act in different roles - 'Break' isn't REALLY a proper song, so much as an extended musical interlude, and on 'Jusjus', Roots Manuva is completely the focus of the track.

In the tradition of mix tapes of yore, this may be thought of two sides to a whole, with the break as indicated. The two have slightly different feels. The intro track is by an as-yet unknown but wholly original and overall entirely crucial musician, sure to be catapulted to the very highest heights of fame, should he ever step from the shadows of internet anonymity.

9p-10p: treading the fine line, eyes blind and arms outstretched

7p-8p: January 17, 2003

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