These are my picks for the best US coins to collect at this time.

Early Washington Quarters

Interest in Washington Quarters has never been higher and early Washington Quarters were far too valuable to keep during the depression, as a result they are hard to come by in high grades.

1909 to 1934 Wheat Pennies

These coins are always in high demand in higher grades, and even some of the easy dates are difficult to come by. 3 years ago phone calls to the biggest dealers in the country resulted in me finding zero 1925D pennies, and the comment by everyone was that they should be easy to find. The lack of supply and shortage of coins can only help to increase their value

Early Clad Coins 1965-1970

Although a large number of these coins were produced everyone was busy hording silver. In very high grades these hard to find.

Three Cent Nickels

These coins have low mintages and are still reasonably priced.

Modern Commemoratives 1982-

For the modern era these coins have low mintages and among the most beautiful of all US coins.

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