Dear Home,

The windows have been breaking with alarming regularity
While the wind hides in the trees

I think I’m scared of the dark.

Now the dusk creeps into my room
With a whimper and a thud and a whisper
Singing the approaching day is a sore toothed bear.

Please come save me
The neighbours can hear what I’m thinking
And they aren’t happy.

The front door, all cheap hinges and plywood
Falls apart when the bullies knock
They rat a tat tat to make their matches.

Dear Child,

The foundations here are stronger than you think
And the wind whistling is keeping tune
With the melody of your footsteps.

The sky isn’t falling
This roof isn’t made from bread
These sandbags hold cement

The windows are scratched messages
That come out in the cold, so
Just keep breathing, friend.

When the dawn yawns its morning hellos
Have the coffee and morning paper ready

Circle the job adverts.

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