Gretchen Phillips, Laurie Freelove and Kathy Korniloff were Two Nice Girls in 1989, recording the eponymous album in Austin, Texas. This was a band with a definite political, activist bent, well-known in the Austin gay and lesbian community.

The first time I saw Gretchen on stage, she carried that guitar like she had known it all her life. Gracefully, but much more like a leopard about to pounce than like a dancer. All the band members were strong musicians, with songwriting and vocal talents that are evident in their songs: rich, intertwining harmonies. Songs on this album range from tender ballads like Sweet Postcard to humorous pastiche, such as I Spent My Last $10 on Birth Control and Beer. Laurie left, but Gretchen and Kathy stayed with the band and added Meg Hentges and Pam Barger to record Chloe Liked Olivia, which was released in 1991.

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